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ESS connects emergency first responders with a facility's existing security deployment.

The system, which is wireless to the curb, provides real-time access to video, audio, blueprints, areas of access, emergency contacts and other customized data.

ESS utilizes a new patent-pending Wi-Fi technology that allows first responders to access in-school camera footage in real time, as it is happening, using the onboard computers in response vehicles.

When positioned within range of the ESS Surveillance Access Unit (SAU), a web browser immediately displays details inside the building, including blueprints, emergency contacts and customized data, such as a crisis management plan. Cameras, including Pan/tilt/zoom with or without audio, can be activated and controlled to see and hear what is happening inside.

The system ultimately provides safety for emergency responders while allowing them to obtain valuable, time critical data and make quick, yet informed, decisions.

Our SAU offers:

  • Safety

  • Instant, discrete, 24/7 time-critical information

  • Eyes and ears on location, in real time

  • Short learning curve

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Low power consumption

  • Usages limited only by your imagination


Access to Vital Information – from the Safety of the Police Vehicle

What is the maximum distance I can be from your Surveillance Access Unit while still being able to successfully connect?

The effective range is about 100 meters.

How many wireless clients can connect to the SAU simultaneously?

We recommend no more than 10 simultaneous connections to the SAU.

Can we have more than one SAU in each location?

Yes, we can configure the SAUs to communicate with each other in a mesh network to expand the network connectivity range

Will handheld PDA or Cell phone devices work with your technology?

There are several limitations to handheld devices. The device must be 802.11x Wi-Fi enabled and include an internet web browser. If our SAU is connected to a DVR recording device, there may also be a limitation in that most DVR devices support ActiveX only. If you wish to view video on a DVR, you will probably be limited to Windows Mobile devices using Internet Explorer.

When connecting to the SAU, are logs created to track a unique device connecting and at what time?

This feature will be added to the product in the coming months.

Does the SAU and DVR synchronize time between themselves?

Not currently. This feature will be added to the product in coming months.

Does your system support Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Technology?

Depending on the functionality of cameras installed and their compatibility with the DVR purchased, the SAU will support PTZ capabilities.

Can I watch video that is not live?

Yes, you should have full DVR functionality.

Should the SAU be connected to an uninterruptible power supply?

Yes, the SAU should be plugged into a battery backup that also has line conditioning in case of electrical spikes due to lightning storms, or faulty wiring. In the event of a loss of power, the SAU will continue to be available for the duration of the battery life of the UPS.

What’s to stop a hacker from abusing your system?

There is a physical limitation of 100 meters connectivity from the SAU. Hackers would need to be within that 100 meter distance to even attempt to connect to the SAU. Full encryption and password protection further protect the system from would-be hackers.

Can anyone connect to the SAU if they have a Wi-Fi enabled device and are within 100 meters of the SAU?

No. Because web-based communications between the SAU and the user's laptop are not broadcast, unauthorized persons are unable to see the name of the SSID. Further, thanks to the encryption algorithm, even if a third party knew the name but did not have the encryption key, they would not be able to connect with the system.

Can multiple police cruisers or emergency response vehicles be setup to use this functionality, or can we only have one vehicle at a time using the technology?

Multiple devices can be connected to the SAU at any given time. All police cruisers or other emergency response vehicles can be configured to connect to any given SAU.

Do we need any special equipment in the emergency response vehicles to connect to your SAU?

Yes, you must have an 802.11g or 802.11n Wi-Fi enabled laptop or pda to connect to the SAU.

What makes your technology different?

Our technology consists of a closed loop, encrypted system. We are able to send data at a high rate of speed by using 802.11g wireless technology. Our SAU is difficult to hack because you must be physically within 100 meters of the device. We also offer pre-staged information regarding the location in question, with industry standard web servers easily viewed with existing, preinstalled software.

Information changes fairly often in our environment. How can the web content be changed on your SAU?

ESS has web developers to work with you regarding any changes that you need. Once changes have been made, a USB flash disk will be sent to you with your web content. Simply unplug the SAU, replace the existing USB flash disk with the new flash disk provided to you by ESS and power the SAU back on. The new web content will be displayed to first responders once connected.

Can we place an SAU in each building on our campus?

Yes, the maximum distance for each SAU is 100 meters. ESS can help you architect a solution to provide complete coverage on your campus.

Where should the SAU be located in our building?

The SAU should be located near a window in close proximity to where emergency responders will gather during a crisis situation. It should be inconspicuously placed where students or other non-authorized personnel cannot see it.


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