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About ESS

Emergency Surveillance Systems
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Emergency Surveillance Systems is in the business of making public places safer ... and supporting the effectiveness of police and other first responders.


During the last decade, Eric Snider and Rich Kelly developed proprietary security-related technology that initially was focused on specific industries.

As their technology was being refined, a string of landmark safety crises in schools and entertainment venues caused the two friends and business partners to re-direct their efforts to address a vital need: preserving the safety of students and police officers in high-risk situations.

In short, children and adults were at risk, and Eric and Rich had the technology to help protect them.

Further motivated by the fact that they had young children in school, Eric and Rich tailored their Surveillance Access Unit (SAU) to give first responders eyes and ears inside public places from a safe distance allowing them to rapidly develop effective plans to resolve safety threats that otherwise could spiral beyond their control.


Eric Snider has 30 years of experience in the technology industry, performing a number of key computer engineering and network technology functions. Eric has served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Efficient Support Solutions and, since the mid-1990s, as a principal software engineer with a number of other leading companies, including Cisco Systems, Avid Technology and Digital Equipment Corp. His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, Master of Science degree in Data Analytics as well as a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

For more than 20 years, Rich Kelly has held leadership positions in program management, contracts and customer relationship management with technology and business giants Honeywell International, Lockheed Martin Corp., Orbital Sciences Corp., American Express and Raytheon.

More Information

To learn how the effectiveness and affordability of the ESS Surveillance Access Unit can make your school or public facility safer and enhance the impact of first responders, contact Eric Snider or Rich Kelly at 623-229-8598 or info@emergencysurveillance.com.


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